Sunday, May 19, 2019

Former Hawks Dance Star Danielle Sturkie joins ELITE HOOPS REPORT!

Danielle Sturkie is a prominent fitness professional here in Atlanta who also happens to be – lucky us – a former Falcons and Atlanta Hawks cheerleader and dancer with a vibe for all things basketball.  As an online media personality, she is launching the “Danielle247hoops” brand as a webcast host for “Elite Hoops Report.” We got a chance to speak with Danielle about her upcoming role………

EHR: Welcome to “Elite Hoops Report!”
DS: It’s an honor and a privilege!

EHR: Seriously?
DS: Yes! Very excited to be a part of this and to connect with all of our audience!

EHR: Where will you be taking us over the next year in the basketball world, what can we be looking for?
DS: How do you wear really good heels into the arena and live to tell about it…..NBA fashion - it's fantastic……Just kidding :)  I am all-in on the NBA post-season, who has the top signing class in Division I. This summer we will look at free agency and the draft. I'm pumped to get started!

EHR: You’re a high-level fitness professional, former professional dancer with the Falcons and Hawks, why the online basketball gig?  
DS: I have a love for all things sports!  I miss my days with the Hawks and LOVED being a part of the NBA world. It’s a great fit!

EHR: Now turning to hoops, any predictions on the post-season, and what have you seen so far?
DS: I like the Bucks in the East and the Warriors in the West.  The Warriors I don't think can be beaten - but you see cracks in the armor that could make this season the last hurrah with this roster.

EHR: What is an online personality?
DS: The content we offer is engaging across multiple platforms. Danielle247 means you can connect with my media personality and brand all day long and it is chance for me to connect with a larger audience!

EHR: Is it just “Danielle247hoops”?
DS: Well, each blog will have a different title…..the subject matter can be different each time. “Danielle247hoops" is probably the catch-all phrase to cover what I will be doing.  I will be doing fitness stuff, image content, video webcast interviewing basketball personalities… will encompass my entire online brand.

EHR: Thanks Danielle for your time and we will be checking in with all that you do……I’m following your twitter right now.

DS: Ummm…..what took you so long? :)

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