Friday, January 26, 2018

Online Star Lauren Hoffman joins EHR Staff

Lauren Hoffman is a Division I Lacrosse player at Kennesaw State University, as well as a leading on-campus media personality. Her substantial industry experience has included the KSU Owl Network and as an ESPN3 Sideline Reporter.  She is joining the ELITE HOOPS REPORT as one of our online webhosts for 2018 EHR webcasts and as a blog contributor.  We caught up with Lauren this past week and asked her about her new gig.

EHR:        From the big time of ESPN3, welcome to the BBALL travel circuit at EHR.

Lauren:    Excited to be here, I like taking on under-dog projects.

EHR:        How did you get into sports media, was this a life-long calling?

Lauren:    I’ve been into sports since I was young.  I play lacrosse as you know.  My Major is Journalism and Emerging Media.  I always wanted to be the next Linda Cohn or Al Michaels. 

EHR:        Give us your first basketball take – is LeBron the MVP? 

Lauren:    No, actually, we have a long way to go in determining the MVP.  Harden, Durant, Cousins, Davis……just a quick run-down of NBA scoring leaders alone shows a number of guys having a big impact on their team’s success.  I’ll have a prediction after the all-star break.

EHR:        What will “Lauren247” look like – give us your plans for this spring and summer? 

Lauren:    Master of the Universe?  Conquering the world?  You can be a subject in my basketball realm. 

EHR:        Lauren Hoffman, media mogul?

Lauren:    Big dreams to big reality my friend.

EHR:        Your basketball webcast, will that include local talent?

Lauren:    My primary focus is on the local scene and the travel basketball circuit.  We may do some Hawks stuff, obviously some KSU……but the focus will be local “up and coming” basketball personalities.  It won’t necessarily just be “basketball,” but will include the broader world of amateur sports.  But the main emphasis is getting on camera with local basketball talent. 

EHR:        When will see you on the EHR website?

Lauren:    Soon, we will be doing a webcast each month starting in February and running through August.  Blog postings coming soon.  You can follow me on twitter at @Lauren247Hoops. 

EHR:        Can we join your fan club, get an autograph?

Lauren:    Call my agent, she’ll set something up.

EHR:        Thanks Lauren and welcome to EHR!

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