Sunday, January 14, 2018

Holly Hickman - aka "Team Holly" - Joins EHR as our online Digital Talent!

Holly Hickman is a prominent fitness professional who also happens to be – lucky us – an all-around sports junkie and online media personality.  She is launching the “Team Holly” brand as a webcast host for “Elite Hoops Report.”  We got a chance to speak with Holly about her upcoming role………


EHR:       Welcome to “Elite Hoops Report!”

HH:         It’s an honor and a privilege…….

EHR:       Seriously?

HH:         I had to turn down Sportscenter, but money’s not everything.

EHR:        Where will you be taking us over the next year in the basketball world, what can we be looking for?

HH:         “Girlz BBall Power Hour???”  “Heels and Hoops???” “How to watch the NBA while loading Instagram at Starbucks???”  Not sure where the journey goes, in the short run just hoping to create a brand, offer some hoops talk, just enjoy my free time doing some media in the sports world……once a jock, always a jock, right?

EHR:    Speaking of being a “jock,” you’re a fitness professional as well as full-time student…….How did you transition into basketball blogging?

HH:         It’s easy – love fitness, already had a media presence, it was a good fit to join you guys!

EHR:        Now turning to hoops, any predictions for the remainder of the NBA season, and what have you seen so far?

HH:         Russell Westbrook remains a fashion maven – so I am always interested in OKC games……..Golden State keeps winning, but it seems a lot harder than it should……I still see a Golden State-Cleveland series in the end.

EHR:        What is an online personality?

HH:         Hmmmmm……good question…….we get to look fabulous, we offer engaging content, we provide our followers great fun and interesting info on topics they find interesting……this has become obvious but social media allows you to engage more people and tailor the message and the medium to a specific audience.    That’s what we are doing here with “Team Holly” and I am glad to be a part of it.

EHR:        Is it just “Team Holly”?

HH:         Well, each webcast will have different titles, the subject matter I blog about will have different each time. “Team Holly” is probably the catch-all phrase to cover what I will be doing.  It will intersperse my content from fitness and being an everyday student, social content, along with the basketball stuff…..will offer everyone a chance to connect in some way, be a part of the team……. It’s not brain surgery, we all have our day jobs, just me doing what I do and hopefully people enjoy it.

EHR:        Thanks Holly for your time and we will be checking in with all that you do……I’m following your twitter right now.

HH:         Ummm…..what took you so long?

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