Sunday, May 19, 2013


We predicted the Spurs, Pacers and Heat victories, and got the number of games each series would go right for both the Pacers and Heat.  (We didn't predict OKC and did say in how many games for the Spurs).  So now that the conference finals are on, what can we see happening?

Spurs rout Grizzlies in game one 105-83.   Masterful performance from the grizzled, ageless veterans in San Antonio.  Classic game home team one rout.  But anyone who remembers the Memorial day massacre in Boston Garden, things are rarely decided on opening night.   Look for Memphis to punch back in Game two.  If they can be at 2-2 after four games, then they got a shot at pulling the upset.  If the Spurs go up 3-1 through the first 4, it will obviously be over.

Heat/Pacers Wednesday night!  I would give the Pacers a punchers chance, and would even bet on them - IF they had not given Miami trouble last year, and IF they had not taken the season series from the Heat 2-1 this year.  The revenge factor works in Miami's favor, and I would not bet against LeBron in such a circumstance. 

Predictions?  LeBron will rematch his 07 Cavaliers-Spurs finals as the Heat will advance to face San Antonio in the NBA finals.

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