Sunday, May 19, 2019

Former Hawks Dance Star Danielle Sturkie joins ELITE HOOPS REPORT!

Danielle Sturkie is a prominent fitness professional here in Atlanta who also happens to be – lucky us – a former Falcons and Atlanta Hawks cheerleader and dancer with a vibe for all things basketball.  As an online media personality, she is launching the “Danielle247hoops” brand as a webcast host for “Elite Hoops Report.” We got a chance to speak with Danielle about her upcoming role………

EHR: Welcome to “Elite Hoops Report!”
DS: It’s an honor and a privilege!

EHR: Seriously?
DS: Yes! Very excited to be a part of this and to connect with all of our audience!

EHR: Where will you be taking us over the next year in the basketball world, what can we be looking for?
DS: How do you wear really good heels into the arena and live to tell about it…..NBA fashion - it's fantastic……Just kidding :)  I am all-in on the NBA post-season, who has the top signing class in Division I. This summer we will look at free agency and the draft. I'm pumped to get started!

EHR: You’re a high-level fitness professional, former professional dancer with the Falcons and Hawks, why the online basketball gig?  
DS: I have a love for all things sports!  I miss my days with the Hawks and LOVED being a part of the NBA world. It’s a great fit!

EHR: Now turning to hoops, any predictions on the post-season, and what have you seen so far?
DS: I like the Bucks in the East and the Warriors in the West.  The Warriors I don't think can be beaten - but you see cracks in the armor that could make this season the last hurrah with this roster.

EHR: What is an online personality?
DS: The content we offer is engaging across multiple platforms. Danielle247 means you can connect with my media personality and brand all day long and it is chance for me to connect with a larger audience!

EHR: Is it just “Danielle247hoops”?
DS: Well, each blog will have a different title…..the subject matter can be different each time. “Danielle247hoops" is probably the catch-all phrase to cover what I will be doing.  I will be doing fitness stuff, image content, video webcast interviewing basketball personalities… will encompass my entire online brand.

EHR: Thanks Danielle for your time and we will be checking in with all that you do……I’m following your twitter right now.

DS: Ummm…..what took you so long? :)

Thursday, May 2, 2019

14U "POWER 25" National Travel Team rankings as of May 1st

As compiled by our staff through the EHR scoring and evaluation system.  More information on how we put together our rankings can be found here:

1.  TSF Mack
2.  Houston Hoops Blue Chips
3.  Team Takeover Oladipo
4.  Team Griffin
5.  CP3
6.  NYBA Elite
7.  E1T1 Rebels
8.  The Truth OC
9.  Seattle Rotary
10.  Team Takeover Grant
11.  Team Durant
12.  New York Lightning
13.  Rose City Rebels
14.  Vegas Prospects
15.  Dynasty Red
16.  Team Breakdown
17.  Trae Young Elite
18.  Team Loaded
19.  Georgia Stars
20.  North Metro Elite - National
21.  Grassroots Elite Canada
22.  Boo Williams Hite
23.  Manimal Elite
24.  Carolina Cavs
25.  Shabazz Elite

15U "POWER 25" National Travel Team rankings as of May 1st

As compiled by our staff through the EHR scoring and evaluation system.  More information on how we put together our rankings can be found here:

1.  Mokan
2.  Team Loaded Elite
3.  Team Lillard
4.  Team Durant
5.  Team Thrill
6.  Team Loaded Virginia
7.  Bradley Beal Elite
8.  D1 NYC
9.  Philly Pride
10.  The Family
11.  Game Elite
12.  Woodz Elite
13.  Meantsreets
14.  The Truth
15.  Wildcats Select
16.  Illinois Wolves
17.  Manimal
18.  TSF
19.  WACG
20.  Team Griffin
21.  SSA Elite
22.  NY Gauchos
23.  New Heights
24.  Team Why Not
25.  Mass Rivals

16U "POWER 25" National Travel Team rankings as of May 1st

As compiled by our staff through the EHR scoring and evaluation system.  More information on how we put together our rankings can be found here:

1.  Meanstreets
2.  Team Takeover
3.  Philly Pride
4.  Mokan Elite
5.  Team Durant
6.  Team Griffin
7.  Coastal Elite Slayers
8.  Phenom University
9.  Powerhouse Arizona
10.  The Truth
11.  Wildcats Select
12.  Atlanta Celtics
13.  Houston Hoops
14.  Team BBC
15.  Bradley Beal Elite
16.  North Metro Elite
17.  West Coast Elite
18.  Marcus Smart
19.  Gamepoint Elite
20.  CP3
21.  Team Buddy Buckets
22.  Compton Magic
23.  Howard Pulley
24.  Indiana Elite
25.  Game Elite

17U "POWER 25" National Travel Team rankings as of May 1st

As compiled by our staff through the EHR scoring and evaluation system.  More information on how we put together our rankings can be found here:

1.  D1 Minnesota
2.  Phenom University
3.  Mokan
4.  Vegas Elite
5.  Dream Vision
6.  Team Takeover
7.  Compton Magic
8.  Mass Rivals
9.  Team Why Not
10.  C2K
11.  Bradley Beal Elite
12.  Marcus Smart
13.  Grassroots Sizzle
14.  Houston Defenders
15.  Woods Elite
16.  Meanstreets
17.  West Coast Elite
18.  Indiana Elite
19.  Brookwood Elite
20.  Wisconsin Playground
21.  Nightrydas
22.  Georgia Stars
23.  Mudiay Elite
24.  EG 10
25.  New Heights

Friday, April 19, 2019

Pangos Easter Classic: Daishen Nix not backing down

Daishen Nix   saw his stock go through the roof and he's not backing down now.
Playing at the Pangos Easter Classic with Simply Fundamental Basketball Academy, the 6-foot-4 floor general showed why his stock soared during the winter. He has tremendous size, gets to the rim at will and is as good a passer as there is in high school basketball.
It took a little longer than some of his 2020 classmates for Nix to get national attention but he knew it would happen eventually.
"I think it was just a matter of people seeing what I can do," Nix told "I just wanted to show everybody that I can play and I think I did that."
Nix had the opportunity to compete with USA Basketball in Minneapolis a few weeks ago and it was a good measuring stick.

"It was pretty good and it was something different," said Nix. "I had never tried it before, never been there before and I had just always heard about it. I liked it because they could catch my passes, they are more skilled and they are more athletic so it was cool to play with that level of talent."
After his strong junior season, Nix now carries offers from programs like ArizonaArizona StateIllinoisKansasLSUMarylandMemphisTCUWashingtonWest Virginia and many others and Texas Tech has recently jumped in. 
He's got a good idea of what they like along with his passing and knows what he needs to work on.
"I can finish anywhere, on big people on little people it doesn't really matter," said Nix. "I'm trying to get my strength up so that I can be bigger than everybody else. My defense and my shooting, I need to work on that more."
While Nix has attention coming in from all across the country he's not yet taken any visits and hasn't formalized a list of schools. He did say that he'd like to look into setting up some visits during the summer and that he'll look to cut down his list and start moving towards a decision after the travel ball season finishes.
"Probably after AAU or after this summer I'll cut down my list," said Nix. "It's important to me that a program prioritizes school first over basketball. I like to play in pick and roll and somewhere that they give the guards a lot of freedom."

Friday, April 5, 2019

Minnesota lands Texas big man Sammie Freeman

Sammie Freeman
Minnesota added a second piece to their 2019 recruiting class on Thursday when big man 
A 6-foot-8 center from Justin (Texas) Northwest, Freeman caught the attention of Richard Pitino and his staff last summer. That early interest plus a great official visit over the weekend were enough for the three-star post to pull the trigger on a commitment.
"Well the fact that it is Big 10 is good enough as it is," Freeman told "But really because it feels like family over there they’ve had me on the radar since last summer so I feel like they really care about me."
Relatively unknown on the national scene, Freeman caught the eye of both Minnesota and because of his length, quickness around the rim, budding offense and a body that will carry more bulk without costing him athleticism.
He really runs the floor, can play above the rim and ultimately projects as. plus rebounder. Being an energy guy is a role that he embraces.
"I feel like I could take up some of the weight from when Jordan Murphy was there, so like rebounds rim running and finishing," said Freeman about what he'll bring to the table once he arrives in Minneapolis.
Freeman is the second member of Minnesota's recruiting class and their second Texan. Rivals150 guard 
 is finishing high school in Utah but hails from the Lone Star State.